Click on the links below to download a policy. Copies are also available by contacting the school office.

  1. Download: Academically more able policy
  2. Download: Access Audit
  3. Download: Accessibility Policy
  4. Download: Admissions Appeals timescales for 2020
  5. Download: Admissions Criteria for academic year 2019-20 AET
  6. Download: Admissions Policy and arrangements for 2020-21 AET
  7. Download: Admissions Policy Arrangements for 2021-22
  8. Download: Adult behaviour AET
  9. Download: Allegations of Abuse Against Staff AET
  10. Download: Anti bullying and Homophobic Policy
  11. Download: Attendance and Truancy Policy
  12. Download: Behavioural Policy
  13. Download: Charging and Remissions AET
  14. Download: Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
  15. Download: Children Missing Education Policy
  16. Download: Chill Zone (Before and After School Club) Policy 2019.20
  17. Download: Chill Zone (Before and After School Club) T&C's/Booking Form 2019.20
  18. Download: Code of Conduct AET
  19. Download: Collective Worship Policy
  20. Download: Complaints Policy AET
  21. Download: Covid 19 Childcare Offer Complaints Policy
  22. Download: Data and E-Security Breach Prevention and Management Plan AET
  23. Download: Data Protection
  24. Download: DBS Policy AET
  25. Download: Debt Recovery Policy
  26. Download: E-Safety Policy
  27. Download: Equal Opportunities AET
  28. Download: Exclusion Policy AET
  29. Download: EYFS policy
  30. Download: First Aid Policy
  31. Download: Governance Code of Conduct AET
  32. Download: Inclusion Policy
  33. Download: Intimate Care Policy
  34. Download: Investments Policy AET
  35. Download: Local Offer
  36. Download: Marking and Feedback Policy
  37. Download: Mathematics Policy - Addition
  38. Download: Mathematics Policy - Division
  39. Download: Mathematics Policy - Multiplication
  40. Download: Mathematics Policy - Subtraction
  41. Download: Members Directors and Local Governors Expenses AET
  42. Download: Online Safety Policy
  43. Download: Outdoor procedures Inc Adverse Weather Conditions
  44. Download: Parent behaviour policy
  45. Download: Photographic and Video Images policy
  46. Download: Prevent Policy
  47. Download: Protection of Biometric Information Policy
  48. Download: Pupil Premium Strategy 2019-20
  49. Download: Pupils with health needs attendance policy
  50. Download: Racial Incident Procedure AET
  51. Download: School Uniform Policy
  52. Download: SEND Policy AET
  53. Download: Social Media Policy
  54. Download: Support Group Method 7 Seven Steps Approach
  55. Download: Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy 2019.20
  56. Download: Tackling Extremism & Radicalisation AET
  57. Download: Uncollected Child Policy
  58. Download: Whistleblowing Policy
  59. Download: AET Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Addendum 15.6.20
  60. Download: AET Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Addendum 15.6.20