The Chill Zone After School Club

The Chill Zone Manager is Mrs Sarah Fowlis 

Opening Hours

We run an After School Club from:  3.30 pm to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Chill Zone Ethos

Children of all ages take part in a wide range of activities each morning and evening. Our aim is that Chill Zone continues to be a safe and stimulating environment in which the children can build confidence, develop friendships, learn new skills and have fun!  We are mindful that by 3.30pm the children have already had a busy learning day, within the structured school environment.  Therefore, we find it important to provide a broad spectrum of planned activities, along with free play, both indoors and out. Chill Zone caters for a wide age group and its attendance can be as variable as our weather, so by having various activities prepared in advance, we can choose the most appropriate time to complete them, or tailor them as required.  For example, although the children love cooking, it is less attractive than (the rare) beautiful summer afternoon, having a picnic in the park!

Please find a booking form and contact information below, as well as regular updates on our planned activities.

Contact information

Contact the school for more information on 01625 861384

The Chill Zone mobile phone number is 07874 675959

The phone is for use during out of school hours – before 9.00am and after 3.45 pm – as there isn’t always a member of staff available to answer the main office phone in school.

Please phone or text this new number to arrange Chill Zone sessions, inform Mrs Fowlis if you are late collecting your child or are changing your child care arrangements.

A member of the Chill Zone staff will TEXT you back on this number to confirm if needed.

Recent Activities 

Chill Zone Afterschool club recently celebrated National Karate day by holding a Karate Kid Party, complete with Karate taster session, Japanese inprired crafts and our personal take on sushi, eaten with chop sticks.  Around half the school attended and thouroughly enjoyed the experience - especially the sweetie sushi! Freya was not going to let Sensi Alex beat her!

The World's Best Pizza! The children enjoyed making their own pizzas - but everyone agreed that eating them was the best bit! Working in small groups the children each made a third of a pizza to their liking.  Key skills developed included team work, taking turns, communication, food hygiene and ingredient awareness. We also discussed use of the oven and appropriate safety guidance. All of the children worked brillianty together, with the older ones often offering help to the little ones without prompting.  

Arts & Crafts: A firm favourite with many of the children, and a great way to develop following instructions, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  We can also discuss colour and texture as well as taking the opportunity to introduce a multitude of subjects.  Through colouring, crafts and model building we can begin to learn about everything from arithmetic to zoology!  We try to display the childrens work, but often they are so proud of their masterpiece that they insist on taking it home!

Chill out at Chill Zone: After a long school day sometimes the children simply want to chill out.  Be it reading, listening to music or an audiobook or playing Top Trumps, board games and Chess.  Whilst we will always 'check-in' with each child to ensure they are happy, we also respect their space when they need it - even children need quiet time (VERY) occasionally!

For more information about the Chill Zone please see the documents below.