Student Leadership Team 2018-19

13 children have been chosen to be part of the School Leadership Team for 2018-19. Our job is to make decisions and provide the children with the best experience they can get. We will be raising money throughout the year and will be purchasing things to improve the school.

The Chair is Megan. She will be leading the meetings and will be in charge.

The Vice Chair is Milo. He will be supporting Megan and will take the lead when she is unable to attend the meetings.

The Secretaries  are Hannah and Darcie. They will be sharing the job of noting down the ideas of the other members. 


At the Christmas fair, the Student Leadership Team ran a few games stalls and managed to raise just over £100. We are now working towards transforming Mr. M's Den into a nice, comfortable seating area as that is what the children voted for. It was the clear winner! This project will hopefully be completed very soon and the pupils will enjoy their new chill-out space. 


On Thursday 8th of November, year 5 and 6 attended a day trip to Safety Central in Lymm. We did a variety of activities which included lessons on how to keep safe in different hazardous situations.


We are going to finish the comfortable seating area and will inform you when it is finished and will upload some pictures along with it. Be sure to check it out!

We are also hoping to raise some more money from cake sales or things like it to buy resources to improve playtime and classroom learning.

On Friday 25th of January, 4 Student Leadership Team members, ( Megan, Milo, Jess and Sam C) will be going to Cheshire Constabulary Headquarters to participate in  some E-safety training. We will inform you about this more after the trip.