Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils in PE

·    Respect and empathy during self and peer assessment tasks.
·    Encourage the desire to reflect and improve 
·    Be expressive and creative during composition tasks.
·    Appreciate performance qualities
·    Encourage originality
·    Create a safe environment for self and peer reflection
·    Allow opportunity to use effective questioning at all levels. 

·    High standards of kit, behaviour, effort and achievement and rewarding these.
·    Encourage respect for PE and school equipment facilities and care of the learning space (safe and effective setting up and packing away)
·    Creating a safe environment of self and peer reflection.
·    Demonstrating right and wrong in sports through application of rules and following these.
·    Understanding and applying the consequences when their actions are incorrect in sports and activities. 

·    Regular use of self and peer assessment with different people to experience other opinions and discuss reasons why.
·    Work co-operatively with others to improve and achieve
·    Develop an understanding of the importance of observation and giving constructive and sensitive feedback to others
·    Create a safe environment for peer and group feedback
·    Provide opportunities for sports leadership

·    Understand how pupils varying backgrounds will affect their response to tasks and giving feedback.
·    Develop a willingness to participate and respond to new and different sporting opportunities.