Our first half term!

Reception have had an amazing first half term at Peover Superior. The children have all settled in wonderfully and immersed themselves into life at school! 

We have been busy starting our Phonics lessons, and we are now halfway through our Phase 2 sounds. After half term, we will be continuing with Phase 2 before we move on to Phase 3. We have been focussing on segmenting and blending simple CVC words and building our knowledge of reading and spelling. In English, we have been looking at rhyming and identifying rhyming words. This also helps with our Phonics as we have been spelling out CVC words that rhyme too! 

In Maths, we have been digging deeper into numbers 1 - 3, and identifying 2D shapes. We have been loving Numberblocks this half term, and often use them to help us with our Maths! After half term, we will be moving on to numbers to 5, 2D shapes and time. 

We have spent most of our afternoons outside exploring the change in seasons, exploring our art skills and developing our physical skills in P.E!

Reception have settled wonderfully this half term, and they have developed such brilliant friendships with one another. I am looking forward to the next half term together! 

Well done Reception, keep up the brilliant work! 

Miss Reeks.