Our Local Academy Committee (Governing Body)

Our Local Academy Committee (LAC) is chaired by Liz Clover and they, along with the Principal and the Multi Academy Trust Board of Trustees, are responsible for the strategic direction of the school.  LAC meetings are held once every term. The LAC is made up of a number of people with a variety of backgrounds and they were either, nominated, elected or co-opted onto the Committee. If you would like to contact Liz Clover, please enquire within school. 

A list of the Local Academy Committee including their Terms of Office and Business Interests can be found below.

Mrs Liz Clover can be contacted via email - lclover@peoversuperior.cheshire.sch.uk

Mrs Nicola Kelting can be contacted via email - nkelting@peoversuperior.cheshire.sch.uk

Mrs Charlotte Flower can be contacted via email - cflower@peoversuperior.cheshire.sch.uk

Mr Max Retberg can be contacted via email - mretberg@peoversuperior.cheshire.sch.uk

Miss Emily Crumbleholme can be contacted via email - ecrumbleholme@peoversuperior.cheshire.sch.uk

Mrs Joanne Munro can be contacted via email - head@peoversuperior.cheshire.sch.uk

or by telephoning school on 01625 861384