Our Classes

From the summer term 2022 we have 100 pupils on role, organised into four classes. (Our capacity is 105 pupils) We offer all our children a personalised approach to learning, nurturing them to achieve the best that they can.

The children are taught in four mixed-aged classes, with a planned admission number of 15 new children each academic year.

Each class has their own dedicated Blog Page - see their individual Class pages. These are updated regularly and give you a real flavour of how wonderful Peover Superior really is.

Reception (Mrs Ellis-Stansfield)

There are 16 children in Reception.  Mrs Ellis-Stansfield ensures the children in Reception (EYFS) receive a flying start during the early years of their school journey.  Working alongside the EYFS teaching assistant Miss Hodson,  enables a truly nurturing and bespoke curriculum. As our school Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Mrs Ellis-Stansfield offers a very personalised approach to teaching and learning; providing a bespoke programme of study for our children with SEND, whilst ensuring challenge and depth of learning for our most able children.

Class 1 KEY STAGE 1 - Year 1 and Year 2 (Miss Crumbleholme)

There are 29 children in Class 1.  Miss Crumbleholme and our teaching assistant, Mrs Nightingale  build on the solid foundations set in the early years, whilst preparing our children for the transition into Key Stage 2.

Class 2 LOWER KEY STAGE 2- Year 3 and Year 4 (Miss Downing)

There are currently 31 children in Class 2.  Miss Downing supports children in making the transition into Key Stage 2 and helps them gain the independence required in their future education.  Mrs Whiles and Miss Gulley, our Teaching Assistants support the children in Class 2 at different times during the day. 

Class 3 - Year 5 and Year 6 (Mrs Blackham)

By the time our children reach Class 3, they have become independent and resilient learners and enjoy the challenges of working with their peers. With 26 children in Class 3, Mrs Blackham and Teaching Assistant, Miss Moores, ensures the children in our oldest class leave Peover Superior as confident and self-assured individuals, well-prepared for the next stage of their education. .