Mindfulness Club 


At Peover we have been running Mindfulness classes since September. The children learn the meaning of mindfulness and the importance of grounding themselves in the moment. We use the sessions to develop secure techniques to support them at home and in school when their emotions get too big for them. We explore our bodies and our minds through colouring, mindfulness eating, relaxing yoga, reflections and setting ourselves targets and goals. We have over 40% of KS2 attending and both children and parents have said these sessions help them.

This half  we have begun exploring our brains using the ‘Chimp Paradox’ ideology by Professor Steve Peters. Throughout the year we will continue to provide the children with supportive techniques to address issues they may face in their lives such as exam stress, friendship issues or hormone related changes.

The sessions are held in a calm and relaxing environment with clear rules and expectations to ensure the children get the best from the session. As the sessions leader, this is an area I feel is of high importance and I understand the issues with mental health in todays world. The aim is to allow children to feel empowered, in control of their own feelings and decision making and also to know how wonderful and special they really are!