Living Eggs Project

The Living Eggs Project takes place every 2 years in the spring term. The first chicks began hatching after only 2 days of incubation. The children learnt about pipping and how chicks hatch out of the egg. The rest of the chicks hatched by then end of the first week and we were able to handle and care for the chicks. The children voted for names for the chicks and we set up a plan to look after them, changing their bedding, water and food everyday. 

Throughout the two weeks, we used the opportunity to develop to high quality writing including diary entries, imaginative stories, information texts, instructions and post cards. The children also learnt about food chains, food webs, life cycles, variation, habitats and caring for the environment, which linked to their science curriculum. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and got a lot of learning out of it. See below and look at the gallery for pictures of our Living Egg project.