ECaR Interventions Overview

Every Child a Reader (ECaR) is a school wide early literacy strategy for raising attainment in Key Stage 1, through a layered approach to intervention. The overall aim of ECaR is that, by the end of Key Stage 1, struggling readers and writers are able to achieve in line with age-related expectations or better. Further to this, it provides a professional expertise in schools to enhance literacy standards of all pupils.

Quality First Teaching

The effective inclusion of all children in a daily high quality literacy teaching. The simple view of reading focuses on word recognition and on language comprehension, with a sound base in synthetic phonics.

Group Interventions

Additional small-group intervention for children who can be expected to catch up with their peers as a result of the intervention delivered by a teaching assistant.

One-to-one Teaching

Specific targeted approaches for children identified as requiring intensive support. The most intensive element we offer at Peover Superior is Boosting Reading @ Primary.

The layered approach of ECaR includes specific, evidence-based, literacy interventions. This is to facilitate the wider role of the RRT’s expertise in early literacy. The interventions supported in this way by the ECaR programme are:

RLP is a short TA led reading and writing programme designed to support children in their development of early writing and reading skills. In a small focus group the children complete a series of fun, practical activities aiming to develop essential early concepts about print such as one to one matching, tricky words and the language associated with literacy. The outcomes for children who use this programme include knowledge of up to 30 high frequency words, both in reading and writing, clear and consistent letter formation and the ability to compose and write simple sentences.