It is our intent that the Geography curriculum at Peover Superior Primary School should inspire and enthuse our pupils by encouraging them to be curious and fascinated learners about the ever-changing world around them. We want them to explore the diversities which exist in our world relating to both people and place and that the knowledge and skills they gain from our curriculum are retained and will remain with them for the rest of their lives. 

As pupils progress throughout the curriculum they will retain relative knowledge about the world they live in and how human and physical features are changing and adapting. They will understand the impact humans have on the Earth and explore local and international issues to protect and preserve the Earth as they understand how fragile it can be. The children will understand their place in the world beginning with their locality and extending this to the rest of the world.

The pupils will have a range of fieldwork opportunities both in their local area and beyond to spark their enthusiasm and to allow them to apply their geographical language, knowledge and skills. It will allow them to practically and confidently explain how the Earths features at different scales are shaped, interconnected and change overtime.

The structure of our curriculum aims to equip pupils with the relative knowledge and skills outlined in the National Curriculum via an integrative and holistic approach. The lessons are taught through creative and stimulating sessions which provide opportunities to bridge back and activate prior learning from previous lessons and previous years to ensure their knowledge is secure, deepened and retained. 

Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Encourage our pupils to work as geographers through the use of regular fieldwork activities and visits.
  • Understand their place in the world and be secure with their locality, progressing to the wider world.
  • To learn and explicitly use relevant vocabulary to describe the relationship between human and physical features, their local area and beyond and natural changes that happen over time.
  • To understand chronology of natural and human features and the impact this has on the Earths structure.
  • Make links and comparisons with areas both in the UK and around the world through various case studies.
  • Have secure map skills at a range of levels which they use to read, plan and follow whilst also locating areas and routes.

The curriculum has been designed with consideration made to mixed age classes and provides children with many opportunities to 'bridge back' and activate their prior learning. It outlines the clear progression of the National Curriculum and identifies the key learning the children will make as they move through school and supports them in knowing more and remembering more.