Dyslexia Friendly Strategies

We use a range of interventions to support children identified as dyslexic and with dyslexic tendancies. These range from:

  • Use of coloured papers, overlays and reading rulers
  • Dyslexia friendly typed fonts
  • Large and adapted print resources
  • Nessy Fingers (Touch Typing) to support with transcription (Y4 - Y6)
  • Nessy Reading and Writing Interventions
  • Games and resources to develop short-term memory
  • Use of assistive technology to support reading and writing
  • Fine Motor and Gross Motor Control activities such as Write Dance and Motor Skills Unite
  • Bespoke Spelling Interventions

Further support and advice is available from Dyslexia.Com and the British Dyslexia Association  

This year we are marking Dyslexia Awareness Week which runs from Monday 2nd October - Sunday 8th October. For further details click here. The theme for 2017 is POSITIVE ABOUT DYSLEXIA.

As part of our Academy Development Plan for 2017-18 we are beginning to work towards achieving the British Dyslexia Quality Mark.