Curriculum & Assessment

We believe that the children at Peover Superior are at the heart of our curriculum. We provide a creative curriculum which is broad and balanced, ensuring exciting and memorable learning experiences which ensures consistently high academic attainment and progress for all learners.

Our curriculum aims to foster happy, successful, articulate, aspirational and empathetic young people, eager for the next stage of learning in their lives and respectful towards the differences of cultures in modern British society.

We have worked hard over the past few years to develop a unique curriculum which reflects our ethos, building on our strengths as a small, nurturing school.

Our main aim is to provide exciting, stimulating topics which the children become fully absorbed in using a cross-curricular approach. We strive to encompass as many curriculum subjects into each topic, making them relevant and meaningful for our children.

The teachers provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which develops the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for future learning and as an academy we are fortunate to be able to offer additional enrichment activities which build on the fundamental concepts of Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reciprocity and Reflectiveness.

Our children are involved in the planning stage of new topics as we value their ideas and contributions; we believe that children learn best when they are able to steer and direct their own learning. We want our children to be inquisitive and passionate about their learning and spark a desire for life-long learning.

You can find out more about the curriculum for each class by visiting the curriculum specific sections of the website and individual class pages. You can find the National Curriculum for England below.