Class 3 Miss Crumbleholme

Class 3 2022-23 Miss Crumbleholme

Our superb teaching assistant, Mrs Nightingale, works with children in Class 3 every weekday morning.  She assists children in lessons as well as leading interventions such as BRP and Precision Teaching.  

Class 3 is home to the oldest children in the school - Years 5 and 6.  There are currently 27 children in the class.  We follow a curriculum cycle over 2 years to ensure continuity and progression for a mixed-aged class.  This year, we will be covering Cycle B.

General Reminders:

  • Children need to wear their P.E Kit to school every Monday, Thursday and Friday.  
  • Labelled water bottles should be in school each day.
  • Children in Years 5 and 6 are allowed to bring in a small bag (like a pump bag) to transport their reading book and planner to and from school.
  • Children can bring a small, washable pencil case into school with essential stationery items.  

Here are some photographs of our lovely classroom:


Here are some useful websites to help with your child's learning: