Class 2

Class 2 2019-2020 Mrs Ellis-Stansfield

Welcome to Class 2!  

Class 2 is our Lower Key Stage 2 class, home to the Year 3 and 4 children. Currently we have 25 children (11 Year 3 children and 14 Year 4 children). 

As you can see above, our classroom is a bright, happy and interesting place to learn. We have an English and Maths Working Wall which the children use to help them with their learning. We also have a cosy reading area where you will see the children reading for pleasure, cuddling up for story time and recommending books to their friends. Finally, we have a special 'VIP' table - this is where the 'Star of the Week' takes centre stage! 

In Class 2, we encourage the children to have a growth mindset and realise that making mistakes is important to move learning on. The children have made motivational bookmarks and we have lots of rewards for working hard and being resilient. 

Class 2 follows a curriculum cycle over two years to ensure continuity and progression. This year we are following Cycle A - you can find our long term plan below. We have some exciting topics planned this year including 'Our Wonderful World', 'The Savage Stone Age' and 'The Ancient Egyptians.' 


Here are some websites to help with your child's learning: