Art & Design


The Art and Design curriculum at Peover aims to encourage children to explore their creativity through developing knowledge and skills which engage, inspire and challenge them artistically. Throughout their years the children will think critically, understand similarities between artists and the work of their own and also explore how the work of famous artists and craft makers has impacted on culture and changed our history.  They will experiment with a range of materials and techniques including picture, collage and print making and identify ways to record their experiences in a creative way including sketchbooks. We want our pupils to be able to express themselves in a range of ways and this curriculum provides them with the skills to do so imaginatively and innovatively. The focus of each term will be a type of media such as: sculpting, printing, painting etc. and where possible these coincide with the Design and Technology curriculum to ensure connections are made between the two. Through each cycle the children will develop skills which progress year on year and also encourage them to apply their new knowledge to each theme, We provide the opportunity for spaced repetition and over learning as children revisit art elements throughout cycles.

A Guide To The Artist's Color Wheel (Plus How You Can Make Your Own)


Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Create creative artists who can use a range of techniques to express themselves.
  • Provide children with knowledge of the impact artists have had on the nation and its cultures overtime.
  • Inspire and challenge pupils to experiment with different techniques to express their own visions, thoughts and ideas.
  • Think critically about their own work and those of others.
  • Children to record and reflect on artistic experiences through the use of note taking, sketch books and evaluations to deepen their knowledge further.