Anti-bullying Week in Class 3

Last week, Class 3 really enjoyed Anti-bullying Week 2020.  

To kick the week off, our Peover Positivity Coaches led an assembly in which they read a book about two dogs who were very different.  The story's message was to celebrate differences and understand that we don't all enjoy the same things. 

The Positivity Coaches spoke to the children about 'choosing kind' and Class 3 were given the mission to create a kindness paper chain as tall as Miss Woodward!

During Anti-bullying Week, Class 3 discussed the different types of bullying:

  • Verbal
  • Physical
  • Indirect
  • Cyber

The children identified their trusted adults by writing five of their own trusted adults onto a handprint.

Class 3 also enjoyed thinking about different acts of kindness they could do and started creating a Kindness Advent Calendar for the month of the December.