February 2020

What've Class 3 been doing this half term?

This half term has been incredibly busy (as well as lots of fun) in Class 3!  

In English, we have been writing character descriptions of Roxy and Alve from 'The 1000 Year Old Boy'.  The children's use of adventurous vocabulary and varied openers has improved enormously and Miss Woodward has been blown away by the writing they have been producing. 

In Maths, we are just completing out Multiplication and Division unit and Year 6 are just starting to work with Fractions.  We have been working hard to look at the six and seven times table, noticing patterns and thinking about how to use known facts to calculate those more difficult ones (e.g. how 10 x 7 = 70 so 9 x 7 is 70-7).  We are trying hard to recall our six and seven times tables quickly and accurately - Times Table Rockstars and parents quizzing their children is really helping this so keep up the great work!

In Curriculum, we have been putting our geography knowledge to the test with naming continents, oceans and locating the Equator and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.  We have also located the countries in South America using compass points to navigate ourselves around our focus continent.  In Computing, we have been generating secure passwords as well as looking at how easy it is to edit an image.  

As well as all of this fabulous learning, Class 3 have been involved in a NSPCC Workshop looking at the different types of abuse; a visit from Parliament in which children took part in a debate about screen time and Children's Mental Health Week where we've been 'finding our brave'.  We've also competed in a number of sporting competitions including Quicksticks Hockey and 5-a-side Football.  

Keep checking the blog for the latest news from Class 3.

Miss Woodward