Our Residential

Class 2 Visits Burwardsley 

Class 2 have just returned from a fun-filled residential, where they learnt lots about the changes in early Britain. The first day of learning focused on what it would have been like to live as a prehistoric hunter-gatherer during the Stone Age period. The children had the opportunity to make tools such as spears and bow and arrows in order to hunt woolly mammoth and deer. The children had some pretty impressive aims and hunting skills! Then they ground wheat to make dough and cooked it over a fire, which they had built and lit themselves.

On the second day and after (almost) a full night’s sleep; the children enjoyed visiting the Iron Age Roundhouse, making coil clay pots and taking part in an archaeological dig, where they discovered artefacts such as bones, pottery and iron tools.

I was extremely proud of the children’s historical knowledge, their effort and participation in all of the activities. A great residential - well done Class 2!