News from Class 2 - November!

We've had a busy month in Class 2.

Read on to find out more!

In English this month, we have been looking at the non-fiction genre, focusing on explanation texts and instructional writing. The children have been reading, comparing and deconstructing modelled texts and thinking about the audience and purpose for writing. The children wrote some super explanation texts on the process of bees making honey. 

In Maths the children have been developing their strategies for addition and subtraction, including using column methods. We have continued our daily practising of times tables with songs, games, you name it! :)

In addition to our learning, we have taken part in some special events this month. For Armistice Day, we had a special assembly to commemorate those who had lost their lives and did some lovely poetry and art work to show our respect. 

The theme for Anti-Bullying week this year was 'CHANGE' and as a class we considered how we could make a change by giving out compliments and playing with someone new. The children designed leaflets to promote these messages. 

On Friday 15th November it was Children in Need and the children came to school in spots and we hosted a number of fundraising events over the day, raising a total amount of £203.80! A fantastic achievement for a small school!