February 2020

See what exciting things we have been up to in Class 1! 

In Class 1 this half term we have been exploring the Great Fire of London. We studied London before the fire and unpicked the reasons why the fire started and the new changes to London after the horrific event. In Geography, we have been outside and completed a lot of field work around our local area. We have also used maps and atlases to identify the countries in the UK and looked at the features that make each of these countries recognisable. We have also been exploring materials in science and looking at their properties.

In Maths, we have finished our unit on multiplication and will be moving onto division and fractions after the holidays. In English, we have continued looking at high quality texts. Our focus this half term was Jon Klassen and his trilogy of hat books- make sure you check out our stories at parents evening!

Quiz us on our new words: island, translucent, waterproof, country, capital, primary, secondary, engulfed

We are super excited about continuing with our topic this half term and look forward to sharing with you our new knowledge.