Summer Blog Post

Summer term 1 - What are we learning this half term?

Welcome back everyone! 

Our topic this term is 'Castles and Magic' and we have lots of fun things planned. In English we are going to be reading, comparing and annotating the features of lots of fairy tales and traditional tales (many of which are set in castles). The children will be retelling familiar stories, writing character and settings descriptions and finally writing and publishing their own stories. 

In Maths, Year 1 children are focusing on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and developing strategies for multiplication and division. Early Years children are practising their counting and estimating skills and double and halve numbers. After that we will move onto learning about 2d and 3d shape.

Our Science focus for this half term will be 'Plants' and the children will be learning about different types of wild/garden plants and trees as well as labelling the four main parts of a plant and explaining their functions. The children will be working in pairs to grow their own beanstalks (in our greenhouse of a classroom!)

In addition to this, we will be making 3d models of castles, learning about the British monarchy and famous kings and queens and having our own medieval banquet. 

We are looking forward to a great topic with lots of learning!