Welcome Back!

Welcome Back Reception and a Happy New Year! 


I hope that you had a lovely Christmas break and are ready for the new and exciting learning that will take place this half term.

Our new topic this half term is Dinosaurs and after one week of being back in school we are already very excited about our new topic! We have changed our classroom corner into a Dinosaur Museum and the children have become incredibly engaged in this, looking at the dinosaurs and discussions around what they are and their names. 

In our English lessons, we have begun investigating dinosaurs using both books and ipads to try and find more information on them. We have had discussions this week around what is a non - fiction book and how can we identify them. As the term progresses, we are going to write our own small fact file all about our favourite dinosaur! 

In our Maths lessons, we have started to talk about our daily routine with discussion around everyday language of time. What do we do first? Next? After that? We have also started to talk about measuring - we especially enjoyed measuring our dinosaurs this week to find out the tallest and the shortest! Over this half term, we are excited to measure all the children in the class to find out who is the tallest! 

We are also doing lots of other exciting things such as continuing using the laptops, making our own fossils and we will also start to talk about growing our own plants in Reception! 


I am looking froward to another fantastic half term,


Miss Reeks