Meeting Fran and Mat from HCCS . blog one

On Wednesday 7th of Febuary, Peover's Head Boy and Head Girl and the other Y6 students were visited by the Head Boy and Head Girl from Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.

Yesterday afternoon, Charlie  and I were greeted by the Head Boy & Head Girl (Matt and Fran) from Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. It was such an exciting experience . We greeted them by asking a few questions about HCCS . We asked them questions such as - What is the food like? How many clubs are there? And so on. After about 15 minutes, we went to collect the other Y6 students . This is when we went over as much as we could.  Moving from one school to another is a huge step to make if you are a Y6 coming from a small school. After receiving  this chat about HCCS, all of us feel much more confident about moving on next year. Charlie and I are extremely happy that we have been able to talk to  Fran and Matt , specifically about High School. And for any other Y6's who are worrying and full of wonder, why not ask your Teacher to email HCCS for a better chance of finding out about Holmes Chapel before you leave your primary school?

Yours sincerely,   

 HG & HB  (Charlotte and Charlie)